Saturday, 26 May 2012

Jams and pickles are made from seasonal ingredients and include:

· Explosive Mixture -An eggplant based pickle.  Made with fresh vegetables together with sun                                        dried tomatoes, olives, chilli and olive oil. Eat it by itself or add to pasta .

· Sweet  Chilli Obsession - Mild chillies and garlic combined in a sweet  jam just perfect for a                               marinade or with some wedges and sour cream.  Super hot available.

· Mango Chutney - A sweet but spicy combination of mangos and spices perfect to
accompany any meats.  Currently unavailable.

· Kiwpple Jam -A delightful combination of kiwi fruit and apples.

· Passionate Pear Jam - Pears and lemon juice combined for those that can not tolerate    
                                        most fruits and for children on the fail safe diet.

· Mango Madness  -Fresh mangoes an a delightfully sweet combination.                              Currently unavailable.

· Banana Bender Jam  -If you have an obsession with bananas then this is the perfect jam for you.

· Rum Marmalade  -Classic marmalade with a dash of rum.

· Plum Passion Jam - Plums combined to make a sweet addition to any baked goods or to use     as a base in a marinade.

· Berry Blitz - A combination of blueberries, cranberries, raspberry and strawberries.  An                            indulgence of your favourite berries.

· Raspberry Razzle - Purely raspberries in a classic jam.

· Passionpine Jam -Classic flavours of tropical North Queensland.  Pineapple and passionfruit                              are combined into an indulgence to your senses.

· Paw Paw and Ginger -For those that enjoy paw paw and the benefit of ginger this is the perfect jam that combines the flavours and brings them together.

· Rosella’s Passion Jam - Seasonally available.  Native fruit made into an Australian classic jam, very high in vitamin C.

I you are interested in any of the jams or pickles   I can be reached on 0447 965  578 

 alternatively via email -

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