Saturday, 26 May 2012

Uses for jam

  • Mix raspberry jam or strawberry jam with chocolate ice cream - Awesome.
  • Toast with your favourite spread or better still muffins.
  • Jams make a great crepe filling, raspberry crepes with nutella anyone
  • mix jam with cream cheese and use as a filling for stuffed french toast .
  • spoon warm preserves over ice cream, pair with a sponge cake, and top with chopped nuts and whipped cream for a decadent sunday.
  •   use jams and fruit butters to top off a plain cheesecake.
  • any fruit butter, makes a delicious cake filling, its a great way to liven up plain yellow cake.
  •  use a spoonful or two of your favorite preserve in a fruit smoothie to add sweetness and fruit flavor.
  •  use a bit of jam to fill a cupcake (cut out a round peg from the top, fill with jam, replace the cake, and frost for a sweet surprise)
  •   fill a macaron with jam.
  •  make fancy flavored butter or cream cheese (2 parts room temperature butter with 1 part preserves, beat until thoroughly combined, chill if desired).
  • make a fresh fruit pizza, use a bit of jam for the sauce, add fruit and sprinkle with ricotta or bits of cream cheese, bake.
  •   have a tea party, serve your favorite tea blends, crumpets, and an assortment of preserve.
  •   layer preserves in a trifle with fresh fruit, pudding, and whipped cream.

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